When purchasing a Fibrecon Sectional garage door, you are buying quality at an affordable price! Why compromise, when you can have a Fibrecon door that will enhance your home without breaking the budget. The Fibrecon range has three designs, and i

All our timber products are made from Saligna which is environmentally friendly, and is locally grown according to sustainable management principles. Our supplier is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved. Saligna is a hard wood with very strong

Digi one Digi one - the latest addition to the Digi family.  This Garage Door Operator boasts a 1000N lifting capacity.  The unit comes with 2 x Digi ekey transmitters in the box, which use Keeloq code hopping te

DC Blue Digital / 24V dc Features: *Electronic limit switch control system for prescise stop/start positioning *Safer open and closed position control by way of electronic limit switches and advanced load sensing *Flip-open lid with easy access