Fabric vertical blinds provide a decorative and effective method in which to control light while still maintaining a perfect view. Fabric vertical blinds are the most common types of blinds in offices. However, they are

Verti-panel blinds boast an innovative modern design that is essentially halfway between a classic vertical blind and a panel blind. the Verti-Panel blinds from Aluvert consist of 250mm panels but do not include the bottom chain found in traditional

Our made to measure aluminium venetian blinds are the perfect solution for any space. From home windows to office windows, our aluminium venetian blinds will transform your live or work space by giving it a sleek, clean look with

Aluvert uses aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality in woodenVenetian blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect from a normal & coastal climate and hence, increases their lifespan. (No rust gauranteed) Venetian blinds a

Aluvert has designed Plaswood blinds which are ideal for high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Remodelling gives your home new life and upgrades the value without having to buy a new house. Windows are a common feature in

Percolate your light with simple fabric roller blinds that are neat, functional, practical and low maintenance. Fabric and patterned roller blinds provide an uncluttered windows treatment that is more economical than curtains. Traditiona

Bamboo blinds embody style, taste and quality. Bamboo is both functional and adds a fashionably rustic appeal to your office or home. Bamboo windowblinds are an excellent choice for those looking to complete the look of their homes or offic

Our innovative panel blinds make the ideal solution for sliding doors and larger windows. The stylish selection of panel blinds from Aluvert with individual panel widths ranging in size from 450mm to 1200mm; these easy-to-use blinds are available in