King Trellis (there when you need it gone when you don't !) - We Believe in making our best product at the right price, NO compromise ! -Retractable Barriers are ideal for doors, sliding doors, windows, shop fro

  KiNGfiX - A Non-Retractable Barrier ideal for windows -Manufactured from 19mm square tubing with a 1.6mm wall thickness finished with flights to cosmetically match King Trellis  

  KiNGSWING - Custom manufactured for your opening where KING TRELLIS cannot be fitted. - Designed to cosmetically match the KING TRELLIS and KiNGFIX. - Ideal for doors with high traffic volumes and/ doors where you c

  KiNG CoTTAGE - This design is unique to KING TRELLIS and specifically designed to match the wooden slats on your cottage pane windows.